Prepping for College with Heidi Teplitz: Part One

Q&A with Heidi Teplitz, Director, College Advising, North Broward Preparatory School

Q: At what point in the college decision-making process are seniors right now?

North Broward College-Bound GradsA: May 1st was the national deadline to pay a tuition/enrollment deposit. For some students, it’s a very exciting time. For others who had a hard time choosing between one or a few colleges, it can be stressful.

Q: Once a decision has been made, what are the next steps?

A: After the student has ‘deposited,’ I would suggest the student go online to their college/university and search information for admitted students. Each college/university will have a list of things that need to be done – create a college email (all of the school’s correspondence will be done through the student’s college email), sign up and pay for freshman orientation, housing and roommate selection, and take placement tests, if necessary. Students must remember to always check their college email for important postings and information.

Q: What would you say to a student who didn’t get into their top choice?

A: I would say that sometimes, life takes you in a direction that at the time, you don’t necessarily want to go in. Some larger life lessons that can be learned is how to bounce back, persevere, and be flexible.  Many times, students in this position experience an initial feeling of disappointment, but then end up really liking their second choice. Often, they feel in hindsight that it’s where they were supposed to be all along.

Q: Do teachers typically see some plunges in classroom engagement after students have put in their acceptances?

A: Most students continue to go to class, do their homework, study for tests and finish the year strong. However, some seniors may fall a little behind in their studies in anticipation of beginning college. My advice to students who are anxiously awaiting graduation is to see the bigger picture and look beyond graduation. Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment but it is not the end. In fact, it is only the beginning and starting college on a sour note may not be the best way to begin the next stage of your life. So I would say to all seniors to take a deep breath, get your focus back and re-align your priorities. With only a few more weeks to go, stay sharp and finish strong.

Stay tuned for our next edition of Prepping for College with Heidi Teplitz – coming out later this month.

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