At Léman Manhattan Prep, Critical Thinking is Key

Leman Manhattan_2

Pre-K through 12th grade immerses students in globally charged curriculum

By Anam Baig

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, part of the Meritas group of international private and boarding college prep schools, promises a dynamic, culturally aware education for all of its pre-kindergarten through high school students.

Formerly known as Claremont Preparatory School, it was acquired by the Meritas Family of Schools, a conglomerate of prep schools, last April. It was renamed Léman Manhattan Preparatory School after its sister schools, Collège du Léman in Switzerland and Léman International School in Chengdu, China.

Read the full article on Léman Manhattan Prep on the Our Town Downtown website.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    You have a youtube channel?

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