Teaching Students to Be Critical Thinkers

Studies about how children learn continue to underscore the importance of critical thinking.

At its recent annual conference, the Association for Psychological Science featured a symposium in which researchers presented findings and panelists discussed techniques for promoting learning in children. The symposium featured a discussion of how and when asking students to explain their answers can actually enhance their learning. Participating experts presented findings on how the practice of generating explanations and using multiple examples when framing questions can help children better understand underlying concepts.

These techniques, and other methods for teaching critical thinking, are key components of every class in Meritas schools and part of the Meritas Academic Plan (MAP). Meritas schools excel in teaching critical thinking, complex problem solving and high-order reasoning. Our teachers highlight foundational teaching protocols including essential questions, vocabulary and high order assessments to help students reach their fullest potential.

Meritas schools feel this approach, combined with small group instruction, personal teacher attention and customized classroom experiences provide a rich, effective educational experience for our students. And as a result of this outcome-oriented approach, students are prepared for acceptance into their top colleges or universities of their choice and equipped for success in the 21st century.

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