Keep Students Motivated in School and Beat the Ho-Hum Winter Blues

It’s no secret – it can be really tough for students to stay motivated during the winter months.  Conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and distraction from the holiday season may make it hard for students to muster up motivation. According to, 10 to 20 percent of the population begins to suffer mild symptoms of SAD leading into the winter months. No matter what the situation, it is possible to keep children motivated this time of year!

As noted in this article by, there are many ways teachers can motivate students in the classroom, but it’s also important for parents to stay involved in their child’s education and activities to help foster excitement for learning. Here are some ways parents can boost motivation and make learning fun outside the school walls:

  • Work academics into home life in fun and creative ways: Practice fractions by doubling your favorite cookie recipes, or develop mental math skills by having students determine how much change they will get back after buying groceries with cash.
  • Get moving: A simple walk outside can boost endorphins and also be educational. Physical activity can also boost immune systems, lessening the likelihood that a child is sick and misses school. On walks, see if your child can identify birds, trees or famous landmarks.  If you live close to a library, bundle up and make a special trip to check out a new book . If you’re unable to get outside, you can still stay active indoors. Encourage children to put on a play or make a drawing of historical events they learned about in school.
  • Play an educational game: Challenge your child to Sudoku or word games and put those math and English skills to the test!  Puzzles are also a great way to keep the gears turning.

Parents should maintain regular communication with their child’s teachers year-round. By doing this, parents can learn ways to help their child reach their maximum potential and keep growing each year.

Do you have interesting ways to capture your child’s interest and boost their motivation during the winter months?

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