Are YOU Game? The 2012 Meritas Games Kick Off

We’re so excited to see our family of schools come together for the 2012 Meritas Games! The Meritas Games have been played since November of 2006, when three of our schools and 52 students gathered for a friendly sporting competition. Since then, the event has grown in size and attendance. This year’s event is in full swing at Windermere Preparatory School where sports such as baseball, soccer and swimming are played by day and athletes enjoy fun nighttime trips.

From now through December 1, students will be able to form new friendships while also enjoying a bit of fun competition. Athletics aside, participants will also have a one of a kind global experience as the cultures of students from around the world are worked into the Games. Using a combination of American and International (Olympic) sports rules, Meritas ensures that all schools are represented and students are taught something new.

The combination of American and International rules allows Meritas to design events to keep a good pace of play as well as provide students the opportunity to participate in as many sports as they want. Over previous years, students have showcased their school pride and leadership during these events. It is this pride that has driven many of our students to continue to participate in sports teams throughout high school and into college!

While the Meritas Games are only open to middle school students, other members of the Meritas family are welcome to become involved. Windermere Prep’s High School and Elementary students attend the opening ceremonies and some students volunteer at the events. Regardless of age, the Games are a special and very unique event for every student in the Meritas Family of Schools.

Good luck, everyone! We are very proud of you!

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