Boarding school life: A Parent & Student Perspective

Q&A with Dominique Haegel, parent, and Lothaire Kubel, boarding student, North Broward Preparatory School

Q: How did you determine that boarding school was the right choice for your child?

Dominique: Our son Lothaire was struggling with the French education system. We chose a boarding school to help him with his organization, make him more confident, and give him more independence. Being far away from the family has helped Lothaire become more mature and responsible.

 Q: How did you prepare for boarding school?

 Lothaire: The decision was made quickly, so I had no time to prepare, but in my head, I was ready to go. The decision to go to boarding school was my choice – I wanted to go.

Q: What, from your point of view, has been the most rewarding part of your child’s experience as a boarding student?

Dominique: My son has really changed since beginning boarding school. He is very happy, pleased to learn and feels comfortable with his teachers and the other students. Lothaire is also much stronger, morally and physically. He is now able to work by himself and even though it’s not always easy, even if he struggles at times, Lothaire has learned how to fight his struggles and win.

Q: What do you feel you’ve gained through your time at boarding school?

 Lothaire: Confidence in myself!

 Q: What tips or advice do you have for other boarding school parents?

 Dominique: I would recommend visiting your child as much as you can and to stay in constant contact. If a problem arises, talk to your child about it right away – also, do not hesitate to ask the boarding school for help. There is always a solution!

Q: What advice do you have for other students who are attending boarding school in the upcoming year?

Lothaire: Join a supportive team, ask questions about life on the campus, understand how your school works, tell someone when something is wrong, return home for the holidays, and keep in touch with family and friends!



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